Easter Egg Hunt

basket.jpgThe Easter Egg hunt is an event for children of all ages.  This well-attended event is held during a low tide on the Community Beach around Easter.

eastereggs.jpgFood, drinks, and activities for the children highlight this event. To ensure all children get the chance to "get the goodies" the event is divided into age groups: 4 year olds and under, 5-7 year olds, and 8-12 year olds. Everybody gets to pick a special prize - its a win-win event for all.

bunny.jpgMom and Dads should should listen to the weather report and dress appropriately. Non-slip shoes for walking on the rocky beach are recommended. Please plan on arriving at the assembly point at the top of the hill on 30th Avenue during the 30 minute registration time. Snacks and beverages are available and this is a great time to meet neighbors and friends before the Hunt begins.

Volunteers are always needed and make the event better with their participation. To volunteer, please contact a Board Member or the Event Chairperson or just show up!

Planning example for an 11am Easter Egg Hunt.

(Start times vary year to year by the tide) 


The SOTS Newsletter prior to the event announces date and time to the Community Club in a mailing to each home.

One month or so before the metal signs should be posted.  One week at a minimum. Additional hanging sign should have date and time for the event.

Weekend prior to the event the Community beach will be cleaned, mowed, raked and prepared for the Easter Egg Hunt and presence of small children.

9:00 am to 10:30 am

Volunteers assemble at the Community Beach to task organize:

  • Final beach police for safety. Pick up harmful debris deposited in recent tide exchange, general trash pick-up, removal of animal "deposits", etc.
  • Set-up Registration area at top of hill: Table, chair, clipboard with a sheet for each age group, pens, drinks and cookies.  Staff table at 10:30 with a volunteers and begin registration.
  • Set-up toy selection board. Staple toys to board for easy selection. Place on small deck on beach.
  • Set-up age group zones on beach as tide goes out. Use two garden hoses or bright marking tape. Secure with rocks.
  • Assist Easter Bunny in hiding candy and Plastic Eggs on beach and upper grassy area (for toddlers).
  • Final check of readiness for the event. Post volunteer to ensure animals & birds don't make-off with candy before the children arrive.

10:30 am

Registration begins.  Children sign-in on the age group sheet (1) Under 4 years old; (2) 5 to 7 year olds; (3) 8 to 12 year olds.  Group Captain Selected for each age group.

11:00 am

Movement down the hill to the beach.  Group Captains march at the head of their column.  Each column orderly files safely down the stairs to the designated start position on the beach.

11:10 am to Completion

All troops in position.  The "ATTACK" signal is given and the Age Groups scatter over their assigned areas and capture all Candy and Eggs. Once all Candy and Eggs have been captured, Children reassemble in front of the deck on the beach for toy prize selection. Three groups are formed, again by age group.  One child from each group is allowed to select a prize per round until all the toys are gone or every child is given a selection. Children and parents can leave on their own at any time.

12:00 pm

Volunteers do a post-event clean-up and remove any trash to the top of the hill for collection. Registration table is broken down and stowed. Signs are taken down and returned to storage locker.

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