Shorewood on the Sound Community Club History
2000 - 2009

2000 The long awaited construction of the new 230-foot beach property seawall began and was completed within two months. Savings and a neighborhood assessment of $50 per household were used to finance some of the work, while much of the rest came from a donation by beach neighbor Michael Steiner.  Wilkinson Sandstone was chosen for both its durability and aesthetic value. Long sloping steps were installed to the north end of the wall for easy access to the beach.  The picnic tables received all new boards and seats. Two fire pits with grates were included in the beach upgrades.

This was a Directory Year so all the surveys went out to residents asking their input into the club, what they wanted to participate in and what they would be willing to volunteer for.  As usual, there was an excellent response from the community.

2001/2002 – The Nisqually Earthquake strikes February 28, 2001 at 10:55 am PST with a 6.8 magnitude. Epicenter is 20 km NE of Olympia at a depth of 52 km. Many homes are shaken and some are damaged worse than others. The earthquake caused a massive landslide in Salmon Creek Ravine. A new creek, locally dubbed "Earthquake Creek" is tapped from the aquifer and triples the water volume in Salmon Creek.

Undergrounding continues to be a major issue with City Light – no forward movement. The Third Runway Fight continues. The most popular annual events continue to be the Easter Egg Hunt, Streets of Garage Sales and the SalmonBake, now free to all CC members. Burien begins the Neighborhood Planning process which includes Shorewood CC boundaries in the first ever Neighborhood Plan in Burien.

2003 - 2004 - SOTS Board gave $500 to the Salmon Creek Restoration Fund.  Burien's Comprehensive Plan officially adopts the Salmon Creek Neighborhood Plan which emphasizes the protection and enhancement of Salmon Creek’s environment.  A proposal was sent to City Light for undergrounding the wires on only one block of Marine View Dr SW.  SOTS donated five tables to Shorewood Elementary School.  A natural habitat project to bring back native species began at the Beach and spread to include some uphill areas above 30th Ave SW.  Work began on Shorewood Park to free it of invasive plants.  Jean Spohn began leading ivy pulls there and the locally known Fred Henzi Steps were build along the path running through it.  Candidate night was a huge success.  Some wear and tear on the beach seawall was being monitored. The SalmonBake was one of the best ever with lots of home cooked additions, fantastic weather and about 150 people attending.  The City of Burien completed repairs to the storm drain by the beach. Dues were raised to $50 and $40 for seniors. 

2005 - 2006 - After several years of neglect the web page was revived. “Neighbors working together to maintain a comfortable, friendly, secure community” became the club’s official mission statement.  A retaining wall 42’ long and 3’ high, made of concrete blocks, was placed along the beach path in an attempt to stabilize the bank.  We adopted Shorewood Park in the “Adopt a Park” program.  A Beach Gate agreement was reached between the 30th Ave Homeowners Assn and SOTS CC regarding ownership, operation, and beach access for members and guests.  The residents of 30th Ave SW (beach properties) paid for a car gate and SOTS paid for the pedestrian gate.  We worked hard to reestablish our relationship with Burien officials and the new City Manager attended several of our CC Board Meetings.

2007 - The Baby Diaper Drive for baby bum covers was, well, something new.  Ivy pulls continued the long process of removing English ivy from Shorewood Park.  Neighbors of Seahurst Park (NoSP) formed and begin their campaign to stop development of the sensitive slope above the park.  “Sluffing” of the slope along Shorewood Drive south of the sewer treatment plant caused the road to be closed for over a year.  Gabions with riprap backfill proved to be an inadequate fix as the new wall quickly failed, so all was removed and a concrete and steel curtain wall was installed instead. 

2008 - The old Shorewood Elementary school was razed and a brand new one rose in its place, opening in time for fall 2008 classes.  Shorewood CC provides some of the paving stones for their entrance walkway.  Ray Hetrick removed, repaired and refinished all of our neighborhood Shorewood signs to nearly new condition - no charge.  The Third Runway, first proposed by the Port of Seattle in 1986, finally opened on November 20, 2008, after a long and bitter legal battle.  Some residents noticed increased noise and fuel smells.  All were encouraged to call 433-5393 to let SeaTac know about it.  The annual Easter Egg hunt had 70 - 75 youngsters scrounging for candy.  Streets of Garage Sales was more popular than ever.  The SalmonBake had 135 attendees wolfing down 120 lbs of Salmon and Halibut.  SummerFest was revived as CommunityFest, but instead of blocking Marine View Dr was instead held on the grounds of St Paul’s Lutheran church.  The Annual Meeting was held for the first time at the new Shorewood Elementary School.  The Holiday Home Decorating Contest nearly causes air traffic diversions for planes approaching SeaTac.  A new extension to the retaining wall above the beach path was proposed.

2009 - Our CC enjoyed consistent attendance and prosperous times.  All events continued but CommunityFest reverted back to SummerFest and moved back to it’s old location on Marine View Drive.  We reached out to the Three Tree Point neighborhood and contributed to, and benefited from, their Independence Day fireworks display.  The Board prevailed against a small group of homeowners from SW 130th St who tried to get Burien to install traffic calming devices along the southern entrance to our neighborhood.  The creation of three full stop intersections and installation of speed bumps was avoided and new signage was installed instead.


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