Shorewood on the Sound Community Club History
2010 - Present

2010 - This was a year of many reflections by the Community Club.  For many years residents had complained about the lack of respect pet owners showed by leaving their pet poo on the streets and in bags left on the street.  The newsletter addressed this situation in a discussion which eventually involved the Shorewood and White Center Communities.  Members bridged barriers and bonded by showing their respect for every member of our communities.  The CC’s usual seasonal activities were continued with much success. With Board approval the Beach Committee removed several dangerous trees from the beach property.  A permit to build within Salmon Creek’s riparian buffer caused some neighbors to write to remind Burien of their responsibility to provide protection for Salmon Creek.

2011 - Events continue with the Easter Egg Hunt, Streets of Garage Sales, SummerFest, and the SalmonBake being the main events. 

2012 - These were very quiet years in our neighborhood.  We carried on our usual events, Easter Egg Hunt, Streets of Garage Sales, Summerfest, Salmon Bake, Christmas Lights Judging and our Annual Meeting.  Jean Spohn, our Steward of Salmon Creek Ravine and Shorewood Park continued her Saturday morning work parties.  At our 2012 Annual Meeting, we filled our Board with the addition of several new members who we expect to contribute new ideas for our community.

2013 - Events continue as in prior years.  CC&R Committee holds public & private meetings for community education and input.  Version 9 of the proposed CC&R update is published with the goal of having a final draft completed by early next year.

2014 - CC&R Committee completes final draft with widespread input from the community.  Committee officially disbands in May after one last community meeting.  Leaders in each individual CC&R addition to now continue the update process.  Threats of lawsuits from a very small minority of residents stalls progress in Shorewood Additions #1 & #3.  This leaves advocates in Shoremont #1 & #2 uneasy about proceeding without legal protection.  All other events continue as in prior years.  

2015 - Events continue as in prior years. Of note: Shoreview’s CC&R were upheld in court: 2.5 story height limit determined not to be in conflict with Burien zoning laws so the CC&Rs were judged to have priority.  A minor CC&R update was recorded which made a point of mentioning view protections as one reason for the CC&Rs relevancy.  An attempt to update the club's by-laws so as to redefined our Community Club as a Social Club was originally considered, then dropped from the agenda at the annual meeting.  Eight Past Presidents attended this meeting, the majority there in support of following the intent of the current by-laws and leaving club protections and obligations to members, as written, in place.  They agree to provide oversight of any proposed future updates, primarily to better define officer and board member powers and areas of responsibility. 

2016 - It was a very productive year. Along with the events that are the yearly standard; Easter Egg Hunt, Streets of Garage Sales, Salmon Bake and Christmas Lighting the Board took on updating and revision of the By Laws. We recruited an amazing Bylaws Committee and after many hours of diligent work and monthly meetings by the Committee the Updated Bylaws were passed at the Annual Meeting. The last big task of mailing out new Directories was also completed.

2017 - The big task for this year was the beginning of the process to update the website to bring it to current technology standards. After much discussion, the dues for 2018 will be raised from $50 to $75 (from $40 to $60 for Seniors). The Board felt strongly that we should be building our reserves for potential large projects at the beach. Meetings were held with the City of Burien in regards to the ongoing slide at the south end of the Community Beach. No resolution but monitoring continues. The Newsletter got a new Editor and website administrator. At our Annual Meeting along with the normal election of officers and reports by Committees, Quiet Skies Coalition gave a presentation with latest information on increased flight noise over Burien, which of course includes Shorewood on the Sound. The SOTS sign was replaced at the entrance to the neighborhood on 28th SW facilitated by Jon Newton (see Below).

2017 - Shorewood Sign on 28th Ave Replaced.

The iconic three pole Shorewood sign at the corner of 28th Ave SW and SW 119th St was fractured beyond repair after 46 years of unabated attack by winter storm winds. This SOTS sign was installed in 1971 as an Eagle Scout Project.



 Figure 1:  New Sign: Replaced 2017 

1971 was a very busy year - set your way-back clock, what were you doing in 1971? Shorewood was unincorporated King County, President Richard M. Nixon was in the middle of his ill-fated presidency (1969-1974); Daniel J. Evans was Washington Governor, Wesley C. Uhlman was Seattle Mayor; Charles Manson was sentenced to death, since commuted to life, now 82 years old in Corcoran State Prison (CA); the world was still shocked by the deadliest storm in recorded history (1970) – the Bhola cyclone in Bangladesh, death toll estimated between 150,000 and 550,000 souls; Baltimore Colts defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Super Bowl V 16-13; All in the Family debuts on CBS; Joe Frazier defeats Mohammad Ali at Madison Square Gardens; Apollo 15 mission to the moon - David Scott and James Irwin are first to joy-ride in the lunar rover; Walt Disney World opens in Orlando, FL; D.B. Cooper hijacks a Boeing 727 (NW Flight 305) between Portland and Seattle extorting $200,000 then parachuting out at 100 knots/10,000 feet over Oregon never to be seen again; Coach Jim Owens led the Huskies to an 8-3 record for 3rd place in the Pacific-8 Conference; “Joy to the World” by Three Dog Night tops the Billboard Year-End Hot 100 singles followed by Rod Stewart’s “Maggie Mae” and Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”, and the Shorewood sign was installed.  What were you doing?

The crew: Craig Marocco (11905 28th Ave SW), Jack Lane (2802 SW 119th St), Jon Newton (11900 28th Ave SW), Roger Redifer (12015 Marine View Dr), Michael Boler (11914 Marine View Dr), and Guy Lawrence (11829 Marine View Dr). The “supervisors” (at various times), Laurie Marocco, Teri Newton, and Kim Redifer. Trips back to a store: 3 (standard for a Man Project). Tools: post hole digger, shovels, chainsaw, hammer drill, hole boring saws, auger bits, chisel & screwdrivers, digging bar, ropes and levers, wheelbarrows, pressure washer, hammer and sledge, welder……….and a Sharpie. No duct tape was used in this project.


Figure 2: Timberrrr! Michael Boler finishes the cut as Guy Lawrence and Craig Marocco drop the pole in a safe place.

 Thinking to myself, “How would Fred Henzi do this?”, we formulated an approach using applied mechanical advantage of levers and fulcrums, and sweat equity to remove the rotted poles.  After Guy, Craig and Jon levered out the two smaller poles, Michael sawed the main pole, while Guy and Craig pulled tension on the cut off. The pole exploded on the ground it was so rotten to the core. Michael and Jon bent steel bands around the new tall pole to strengthen against the winter winds, secured by 6 in lag bolts and welding. Everyone took turns boring a 2-3/8 in hole through the pole to receive the sign pipe. That was an exercise in meeting in the middle to make it through the pole!! We rolled the main pole up the road and pivoted the base into the hole.  Again Fred’s levers and fulcrums were applied to raise and drop the beast into place. Leveled up & temporarily anchored by three support stays. The two smaller poles went into place by “manly demonstrations” of strength, (followed by Ibuprofen in the evening!). The pole bases are on a drainage gravel bed so end rot is limited. The whole structure is anchored against Nature by four 60# bags of cement.

Craig and Laurie, who now own Fred and Joan Henzi’s house, contributed a cement seagull Fred had on his fence to adorn the top of the pole; Teri supervised the “exact placement”. Now the gull channels Fred’s spirit to watch over our replacement project and the neighborhood. Laurie will do some plantings around the area to further “beach-ify” the look.

Forty-six years after an Eagle Scout put the sign in, the replacement project included an Eagle Scout. Thanks to the work and care of these neighbors, our iconic 28th Ave SW Shorewood sign is ready to welcome a new generation to our great community. Thanks team!

Submitted by Jon M. Newton

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