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Annual Meeting Agenda 2009

Shorewood on the Sound Community Club

Annual General Meeting Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shorewood Elementary School – 7 PM
2725 SW 116th Street, Burien WA 98146

This year we are having a presentation on “Third Runway Noise”.
A presentation will be delivered by Stuart Jenner of the Regional Commission on Airport Affairs.
Our regular meeting will follow his presentation.


  1. Welcome Gary Gibson, President
  2. Special Guests
    • Stuart Jenner, Regional Commission on Airport Affairs (RCAA)
    • “Third runway noise”
      • Stuart will give a presentation on the current status of the third runway noise and mitigation, where we are today and where we might be tomorrow.
  3. Annual Membership Meeting
    • Call to order
    • Address of the President
    • Introductions
    • Reading of the minutes
    • Annual Report of the officers
    • Election of officers and directors
    • Presentations
    • Miscellaneous business
    • Adjournment

Candidate Forum, 10/20/09

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Traffic Calming Meeting, 7/2/09

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130th Neighbor Proposal

We’re surprised that SOTS hasn’t been in contact with us regarding any proposals, but we’re hoping that you remain open to discussion and we would like to offer the following proposal.

SOTS provides a proposal to the City of Burien regarding the funding and placement of two electronic speed limit signs and is accepted by Mike Martin by July 15th, 2009. One of the signs is to be placed on SW 130th street heading west bound and prior to the sharp corners leading into Shorewood. A 2nd sign is to be placed on Shorewood Drive somewhere between the top of Goat Hill and SW 131st Street as agreed by the Shorewood neighbors living along that section of Shorewood Drive. The location we discussed is just prior to the 16% grade sign while heading toward Goat Hill, but other locations along that section of road can be considered.

In turn, the neighbors in the petition area will agree to drop any requests for stop signs.

Agreement on all remaining items already proposed by the City as well as the addition of rumble strips along the fog line throughout the corners near SW 131st Street. It’s my understanding that you are in agreement with these items.

Response to the above by this coming Monday, June 29th.

We are committed to responding to Mike Martin by next Tuesday, June 30th as he requested. It’s our hope that SOTS and our neighborhood will come together and deliver a solution that we can all live with by then. If needed we will be available in the coming couple of days to discuss in person or by email if preferred. If SOTS doesn’t feel they can respond in time then we will continue forward with the original proposal provided by Mike Martin and the City of Burien.

Your consideration is appreciated.

Meeting Update from 6/15/09

Hi Everyone,

Now that you are all in the loop we need to backtrack a bit to get you up to speed on what is happening here. If you are a facebook member you can go to the Shorewood on the Sound group site and enter the discussion group on this topic if you like.

The officers and board of directors of Shorewood on the Sound received email messages this last weekend indicating there had been a June 3rd meeting with Burien officials and a group of homeowners Burien identifies as the "Goat Hill" group, who is lobbying Burien for traffic calming along the southern route in and out of our neighborhood. These emails indicated the following changes to this route were now approved by Burien:

  • Install new 3 WAY STOP at I/S SW 131st St and Shorewood Drive
  • Install painted crosswalk at I/S SW 131st St and Shorewood Drive
  • Install / replace warning signs to enhance notification / presence of pedestrians, cyclists and children, replacing current “driveways” sign
  • Improve roadway striping at vicinity 16th Ave SW between SW 130th St and SW 131st St
    • Paint to indicate “narrow roadway”
    • Paint to indicate ”fake speed bump”
  • Install new paint at Shorewood Dr, vicinity top of 16% grade North bound, to indicate “fake speed bump”
  • Improve speed limit signage/ location at vicinity SW 130th St east of 14th Ave SW and Shorewood Drive (Goat Hill) at West end
  • Provide occasional use of City owned Portable Speed Trailer upon repair
  • Investigate the cost and realistic applicability of traffic circles.

A meeting was called Monday evening between leadership of the "Goat Hill" group and officers of Shorewood on the Sound to discuss these changes. At this meeting we found that results of the Burien traffic study through this area were now available, and that a petition regarding proposed road changes had been circulated throughout the proposed frontage area and to other parts of the Shorewood on the Sound neighborhood.

You can follow, from the bottom up, this email thread to bring yourself up to date on the latest. At this point the Shorewood on the Sound board is preparing to review the improvements requested and is gathering information to assist them in making a decision on whether or not to support some or all of these city approved changes, or to possibly request changes of their own.

According to statements made by Mr Bishoff at the Monday meeting, a copy of the circulated petition is only available from the city of Burien, so we are still waiting for that. We are happy to hear though that Mr Bishoff is willing to send us a blank copy of the petition for us to review at the upcoming Community Club meeting. The traffic study was quickly forwarded to us by City Manager Mike Martin, and is attached to this message for your review.

Feel free to forward this message to anyone else you know who may be interested in following along. If you have any questions or concerns please call me at 206-932-3200.

Kevin DeLashmutt
SOTS Communication Director

Meeting Update from 6/3/09

The meeting started at 1630. Attending representing the city were Mike Martin, City Manager, Doug Lamothe, Interim Public Works Director, Officer Galusha, Burien PD. Goat Hill citizen representatives were Mike Bishoff and Jim Mason.

The following items were agreed to by the City:

  1. Install new 3 WAY STOP at I/S SW 131st St and Shorewood Drive
  2. Install painted crosswalk at I/S SW 131st St and Shorewood Drive
  3. Install / replace warning signs to enhance notification / presence of pedestrians, cyclists and children, replacing current “driveways” sign
  4. Improve roadway striping at vicinity 16th Ave SW between SW 130th St and SW 131st St
    • Paint to indicate “narrow roadway”
    • Paint to indicate ”fake speed bump”
  5. Install new paint at Shorewood Dr, vicinity top of 16% grade North bound, to indicate “fake speed bump”
  6. Improve speed limit signage/ location at vicinity SW 130th St east of 14th Ave SW and Shorewood Drive (Goat Hill) at West end
  7. Provide occasional use of City owned Portable Speed Trailer upon repair
  8. Investigate the cost and realistic applicability of traffic circles

Goat Hill citizens agreed to take the City items back to their neighborhood for discussion and recommendation. Further, they will then advise the Mike Martin of neighborhood reaction by close of business on Friday, 7 June 2009.

The meeting ended at 1715.

Doug Lamothe
Public Works Department
City of Burien
Office: 206.439.3156
Cell: 206.391.3829

SOTS Traffic Response

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City of Burien Recommendations based upon the request by the “Goat Hill Citizen Group” of non-Shorewood on the Sound Community Club Residents.

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Goat Hill Speed Study-City of Burien

Shorewood recommends the City of Burien follow the recommendations of the Transpo Group for traffic abatement along Shorewood Drive S.W. from 130th S.W. to 125th S.W.

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Creation of the Fred and Ted Steps in Shorewood Park

Fred Henzi designed these steps and provided detailed plans for their construction. This is only part of his donation to our community. Work began on June 12th after the City Parks staff delivered building supplies to Jon Newton's home. Jon’s yard became the step-building workshop. In the days proceeding the community work party, he and Fred cut all of the pieces to the correct size, following Fred's plan. The two contributed 40 hours of work to cut the boards, number the steps and have everything ready to go on Saturday morning. Jon was up at 7AM getting the final details ready. Ted Daley, Jean and Tom Spohn arrived at 9:30. Tom prefabricated the u-shaped steps while Jon, Fred and Ted laid out the step pathway and started digging out the hillside to create level homes for the steps. Tim Riley arrived and Barry Rodda brought a torque drill for making rebar holes that would hold the steps in place. Tim and Jon carted the heavy steps down the hill. With measuring tapes and levels in hand, Fred and Ted monitored every step to assure the precision of the step placement. It was Jon, Ted, Fred, Tim and Teri Newton that shared the joy of placing the final stake in the steps at 5pm. Note that the steps curve gently giving a graceful appearance, further enhanced by a few rocks, carefully placed by Teri. It is not just a functional installation, but an artistic and graceful one as well.

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Memorial Planting at the Shorewood Park on 5/16/09

Memorial20Steps.jpgOn May 16th two native shrubs were planted at the entrance to Shorewood Park in memory of Millie Beckman,. Phyllis Stevens, Millie’s sister, said that Millie passed away early this year and that she and her husband, Bob, have been residents of the Shorewood Community for fifty-four years. During construction of their home, the Beckmans spent several months residing in a little cottage that was located on the site of Shorewood Park. The Black Elderberry and Red Twig Current are to honor the time spent with Millie. Her life could not last forever but memories will stay in the hearts of those who knew Millie.

The photo is of Phyllis and Leonard Stevens with Fred Henzi who helped with the planting. Also assisting with the planting were Kevin Alexander, Steward of Seahurst Park and Jean Spohn, Steward of Shorewood Park.

March 10, 2010: Salmon Creek Ravine Work Party

Another 15 trees in Salmon Creek Ravine were relieved of Ivy growing up their trunks. So that makes FIFTY! Just 950 more to go. A big Cedar near the entrance at 130th was saved as were some of the trees trapped in the Ivy Barren in the center of the forest overlooking the landslide. We worked at a number of sites. At the 130th SW entrance Darrell planted 8 Ocean Spray shoots in a place where Himalayan Blackberry had been removed in January. Lisa, Jean, Bill and Kevin whacked back more Himalayan Blackberry. We also removed many bags of trash and pulled yard waste back up the hill as these items were crushing native Salmonberry, Sword Fern and Oregon Grape.

Fred and Tom planted 5 each of Red Cedar, Hemlock and Noble Fir along the pathway. They are marked with blue tape so you can notice them as you walk past. The big draw for Tim, Barb, Dave, Fred and Tom was to start work to rescue the trees trapped in an Ivy Barren, a place in the interior of the forest where Ivy climbs to the canopy of the trees and completely covers the forest floor. It creates an area with no diversity as well as an eyesore.

Thank you to our hardworking neighbors and friends - Fred Henzi, Kevin Alexander, Lisa Aumann, Barb Williams, Darrell Williams, David Wulff, Bill Goss, Tim Wilhelmi, Luke Reuter




Beach Property Tree Trimming

10/8/10 & 10/15/10

The Shorewood on the Sound Community Club Board of Directors determined that there were unsafe trees on the beach property.

A concern addressed was the impact of the heavy trees, dead trees, dead limbs falling, and rotting trees with the sandy hillside during winter rains and snow with possible ice weight. The most pressing issue was the possible bank erosion issue if any trees fell over.

It was decided to remove or trim the danger trees. Some of the trees were rotted at the core. Other trees were dead and would have deadheads and widow makers falling down. The other problem is that they would respond to any wind by shifting in the sandy bank. Some trees were thinned to allow wind to pass through them more easily. There were heavy leaning trees that were supported either by a sandy hillside or dying trees on the beach flat. Trees that could be saved were. Sometimes that meant the heavy weight was removed and the laterals were left to feed the roots when their weight and size directed them away from leaning down the hillside. Any suckers were encouraged to grow as they fed the root system of the original tree. The chips from the tops were blown back onto the bank for the biomass. Any limbs or wood that could be were left for bank stabilization similar to what they do in the National Parks.

In the timeframe that Board members were observing the danger trees one of the leaning Madronas actually fell over the beach trail. Fortunately, there was no damage to the trail or hand rail. Rather only the hillside was excavated when it fell over causing a possible erosion problem. And it did make a rather lovely arch entrance to the beach property.

The Shorewood on the Sound Community Club contracted with Southfork Tree Service at 425.260.3487 to provide advice and assistance with this project. The tree service worked on the beach property on two consecutive Fridays (10/8/10 & 10/15/10). Their impact to the residents living on 30th S.W. was minimal and they were extremely professional in conducting their business.

A couple of Shorewood on the Sound Board Members were also observed helping the tree service by schlepping and stacking wood on the beach property. They also did total beach maintenance while they were down there. A big thank you goes to Kevin DeLashmutt and Ray Hetrick for their efforts in helping out on this project.

The Shorewood on the Sound Community Club Ecology and Beach Committee Chairs are researching which vegetation would be best to replace the removed trees and to help strengthen the root structure holding and supporting the sandy hillside over the beach property.

Madrona is an excellent wood to burn with high heat and low ash. Residents are encouraged to get this wood to burn in their fireplaces. It is stacked on the beach property. You may take a little or a lot.

Joe Cail
Shorewood on the Sound Community Club

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