Board Members

      "The business and property of the corporation shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of nine elected Directors, the immediate past President of the club and the elected and appointed officers." - Bylaws, Article V, section 1

There are nine elected director positions, four elected officer positions, and one position for the immediate past president of the Board - 14 total board positions.

President Angelica Spates 769-0889  2017
Vice President Rand Fullington 507-9335  2017
Treasurer Gary Harris (*1992) 431-0435 2014-2017
Secretary Dana Wheelock 234-2635  2017
Newsletter Editor Bestsy Wheelock    
Directors         Chestine Edgar    2014-2016
Bob Edgar   2016-2018 
Lori Buchsbaum  240-4639 2016-2017
Rick Goroski 988-4157 2015-2017 
Patty Knudsen 242-3554 2015-2017 
Barrett Knudsen*    
Eli Tuttle 229-4577  2016-2017
Jean Spohn 433-0848  2016-2018 

Kyle Lonzak



* - Denotes Board members who have also been Past Presidents.

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