Shorewood on the Sound Community Club History
1939 - 1949

The Shorewood-Shoreview area was all originally owned and subdivided by Dr. George Standring. When Ed and Venus Pfafman arrived in 1939 they built the first house in the new Shorewood community, at the corner of Marine View Drive and SW 122nd. Jack Kirkbride built soon afterward on Standring Court.

By 1941 the lots were being discovered, especially by Boeing people. The Cecil Tice, Walt Powell, and Dean Phare families all bought their lots at just about the time of Pearl Harbor. Cecil and Jeanne Phare bought 3/4 acre from Dr. Standring for $650 placing $50 down and paying $15 a month.

From 1941 to 1945 World War II slowed down further development here, but by 1944 the Harold Grotle, Fred Zetzsche, Bruce Christy, "Buck" Goddard and Bill Moshier families had bought properties. Louise and Paul Baker moved into the home where Louise still lives on Marine View Drive. Lots were selling for about $1,000. Usual terms were $100 down and $25 a month.

The Shorewood on the Sound Community Club (C.C.) had its first meeting in July, 1946, when there were about 20 homes in the area.

Being quite isolated before the days of two-car families, Shorewood became a very close-knit community. Mothers were at home with their children so socializing among the neighbors was very important. The Women's Committee organized activities for the children. Bridge clubs and garden clubs were formed. There were potlucks and work parties at the beach. Several dances were scheduled each year. The first C.C. Dance was held at the West Seattle Golf Club for the price of $2 per couple.

In or around 1946 the Community Club's Beach Committee laid out a path to the beach. The Road Committee tried to get the county to upgrade our streets. A Restrictions Committee formed to try to enforce regulations in our deeds. Due to the shortage of building materials after the war this committee had to be lenient enforcing the rules because people often could not finish their houses in a timely fashion.

At this time the water system that supplied the community was owned by Joe Burke. There were two pumps, one pumping 40 gallons per minute, with wonderful clear spring water from the canyon area. Fire hydrants were needed but not available except at army surplus stores. There was only one paid fireman in the district, three stations and 30 volunteers. The C.C. discussed buying a siren from an army surplus store.

In 1947 By-laws were drafted and officially adopted by the Shorewood on the Sound Community Club.

In 1948 raw sewage pollution problems at the beach were addressed. A monthly newsletter was instituted by Bill Moshier. Shorewood's first progressive dinner was held on February 24, 1948. Community identity signs were erected. Furse Lines coordinated a bus route to Shorewood. A bad caterpillar infestation was fought cooperatively by the neighbors.

In 1949 the C.C. had to sue Dr. Standring to get title to the community beach property. A Blood Bank account was established. We studied the feasibility of building a Community Club House. A Community Beautification Contest was held with efforts made to build attractive mailbox shelters, clean up and landscape street right-of-ways as well as gardens. Women's Committee supervised children's supper activities at eh beach. Beach Committee supervised work parties, installed a water line and worked on the bath-house. There were two dances, a potluck dinner, several progressive dinners, a kid's Easter Egg hunt and a Halloween party.

During 1949 the Water System Committee began the study of supplying water to the area. This developed into a very divisive 2-year controversy which threatened to ruin the C.C. organization. It was finally ruled that the water problem could not be discussed at the C. C. meetings. Ultimately a U.L.I.D. was formed for Water District #61 to finance a new installation. When it was finally settled in 1952, neighbors were still smarting over the battle. Bill Moshier organized a "Bury-the-Hatchet" party (actually buried an ax on a vacant lot) and the "wounds were healed" so the neighbors could become friends again.

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