Article 2

Purpose and Objectives

The purposes and objectives of this corporation shall be as follows:

  1. To unite in a central organization all persons owning any real property or interest therein in the area defined in Article III, Section I, concerning eligibility for membership, which area is hereinafter referred to as the Shorewood on the Sound area.
  2. To promote the development, maintenance and improvement of facilities common to and for the benefit of all the residents of Shorewood on the Sound area, including, but not limited to: streets, sidewalks, roads, parks and park areas, schools, playgrounds and play areas, recreational facilities and transportation facilities.
  3. To aid in the enforcement and preservation of restrictions created in connection with the real property contained in the several areas designated in Article III, Section I, to the extent said restrictions are not in conflict with superseding federal, state or county laws or regulations.
  4. To facilitate improvement of the relationships between the residents of the Shorewood on the Sound area and to encourage the residents of said area to participate in activities for the general benefit and welfare of the community.
  5. To encourage and facilitate the exchange of information, ideas and opinions among the members of the club on social and political issues and other matters of general concern to the community.
  6. To serve as advocate for the community and to present the concerns and opinions of the community to civic and political leaders, the news media, and other interested parties.
  7. To own, maintain and operate for the membership recreational facilities, including, but not limited to: beach properties, parks, park areas, playgrounds and play areas.
  8. In the furtherance of the foregoing purposes and objectives to buy, own, lease, operate, manage and control real property, personal property and intangibles of any and all kinds whatsoever, and to issue notes, bonds, mortgages, or other evidence of indebtedness and to secure the same at the option of the Board of Directors upon any property owned by the corporation, and/or mixed, tangible or intangible, now had or hereafter acquired.
  9. To do any and all things necessary not prohibited by law which may be useful or convenient in carrying out the purposes and objectives for which this corporation is organized which may be for the benefit of the membership of the same, excepting the carrying on of any business, trade, avocation or profession for profit.
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