Article 6


6.1 Officers
        The Officers of the Club are a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and a Treasurer.  The President, Vice-President and Secretary will be elected from the membership at the annual meeting.  The Treasurer will be elected by the Board from among the Directors.

6.2 Qualifications

6.2.1  Each presidential nominee shall have been a member of the Board during the previous year. Nominees for President must have attended not less than 50% of the membership meetings and Board meetings during the year immediately preceding their nomination.

  All persons nominated as officers must be a property owner in the Shorewood on the Sound Area andmusthave been members of the Club during the year immediately preceding their nomination and will maintain their membership during their term of office.

6.3 Removal Officers may be removed at any time by a vote of the membership in the same manner and pursuant to the same procedural requirements as is required for the removal of a Director.

6.4 Duties of Officers

 6.4.1 President  The President of the Club will:  

a) Preside at all meetings of the Board and the membership

Be responsible for filing the Club’s annual report with the Secretary of State of the State of Washington and any and all reports necessary to maintain the Club’s nonprofit status and any and all reports required by theState of WA and Federal government or other laws;

With the Secretary, join in the execution of any and all instruments issued by the Club;

With the approval of the Board, select the chairperson and members of any and all committees of the Club;

Assist the Board in creating a yearly budget;

Assure that the Board has adequate liability insurance; and

Have other duties delegated by the Board

 6.4.2 Vice-President.  The Vice-President will, in the absence of the President:

a) Preside at meetings of the Board and at meetings of the membership and
b) Have other duties delegated by the Board.

  6.4.3 Secretary.  The Secretary will:

a) Keep full, true and correct minutes of all meetings of the Board and all meetings of the membership and
b) Have other duties delegated by the Board.

6.4.4 Treasurer.  The Treasurer will:

a) Have custody of all funds of the organization;
b) Keep true and accurate books of account;
c) Provide a written financial report of expenditures and status of annual budget at each meeting;
d) Be required to post a fidelity bond in such amount as determined by the Board ;and
e) Have other duties delegated by the Board.

6.5 Term of Officers
      The officers of the Club will be elected at the annual meeting of the membership for terms of one year.  Newly elected officers will take office at the beginning of the next calendar year following their election.

6.6 Vacancies of Elected Officers
      In connection with any vacancy among the officers the remaining Directors may by majority vote elect a qualified successor to hold office for the unexpired term of the officer.


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