Article 7


7.1 Standing Committees
    There are 3 standing committees: Membersip, Nominating and Beach. The chairs of the committees are appointed by the President. A majority of the members of each standing committee must be members of the Club. All committees report to and advise the Board, and operate under the direction of the Board.

  7.1.1 Membership Committee   The Membership Committee is responsible for creatingand implementing programs to recruit and retain members by:

a) Welcoming new residents to the Shorewood on the Sound area and informing them of the activities of the Club;

Actively recruiting and renewing members;

Informing the membership of the work of the Club and encouraging maximum participation at all meetings and events sponsored by the Club;

Maintaining a current roster of the Club membership;

Reviewing and supervising  publication and distribution of the club newsletter, community phone directory, and any other printed material distributed by the Club;

Establishing a system to contact the members by telephone and other media forms;

Publicizing meetings and social events; and

Creating additional programs.

  7.1.2 Beach Committee The beach committee is responsible for:

a) Maintenance, repair and modification of the community beach property and boat ramp;

Advising the Board of all problems and concerns relative to the use of the community beach; and

Recommending to the Board rules and regulations governing the community beach as it deems necessary.

7.1.3 Nominating Committee
        The Nominating Committee is responsible for developinga slate of Director and Officer nominees to be presentedwith the Annual Meeting agenda.

7.2  Other Committees
        In addition to the 3 standing committees established in this Section 7.1, the Board may establish other committees as it deems necessary and convenient to carry out the purposes and objectives of the Club.

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