Article 7


Section I--Standing Committees

There shall be four standing committees: Welcoming, Ecology / Path Maintenance, Communications, and Beach. All committees shall report to and advise the Board, and operate under the direction of the Board of Directors.

Section II--Welcoming Committee

The Welcoming Committee shall maintain a current roster of the club membership, shall distribute the Shorewood on the Sound Community directory and latest Newsletter to new residents, and shall welcome new residents to the Shorewood on the Sound area and inform them of the activities of the Shorewood on the Sound Community Club.

Section III--Ecology / Path Maintenance Committee

The Ecology / Path Maintenance Committee shall oversee maintenance, improvement, policies implemented by the city of Burien and other local jurisdictions regarding parks and public area within and adjoining Shorewood on the Sound. The committee has the authority to represent the best interests of the Shorewood on the Sound area regarding internal policies and improvements of nearby parks and recreation areas. Additionally this committee will work closely with the Beach Maintenance committee in the maintenance and repair of corporation owned property not attached to the Community Beach or Boat Ramp.

Section IV--Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shall review and supervise publication and distribution of the club newsletter, community directory, and any and all other printed material distributed by the Shorewood on the Sound Community Club. It shall endeavor to inform the membership of the work of the club and encourage maximum participation at all meetings and events sponsored by the club. It shall maintain and preserve the telephone directory of the membership and establish a system to contact the members by telephone, and shall have general responsibility for publicizing meetings and social events.

Section V--Beach Committee

The beach committee shall be responsible for all maintenance, repair and modification of the community beach property and boat ramp, shall advise the Board of Directors of all problems and concerns relative to the use of the community beach and shall recommend to the Board of Directors such rules and regulations governing the community beach as they deem necessary.

Section VI--Other Committees

In addition to the four standing committees established in Section I of this Article VII, the Board of Directors may establish such other committees as they deem necessary and convenient for the carrying out of the purposes and objectives of the corporation.

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